Originally Fake

aerial dance theatre

Originally Fake stands for aerial dance theatre.

Dance on the floor and in the air.

    With our performances we aim to stimulate the audience to appeal to their own thoughts, feelings and memories. To leave space to reflect on what the performance expresses to them.

    With our acts we aim to bring a more artistic touch into the commercial world,

by turning tricks into a stunning performance.

The performers are professional dancers, who lost their hearts to aerial circus and streettheatre.

Femke Luyckx

Founder Femke Luyckx is a multi-disciplined talent.

She specialises in dance, dancetheater, opera, circus aerials and vertical dance.

As a performer she is a dancer, aerialist and stiltperformer. She’s a choreographer,

    assistent choreographer, movement coach, stage-manager, circus-rigger and    

    assistent director.

Advices and mentors fly by wire and other aerial installations.

Also teaches and coaches in dance and multiple aerial disciplines.

Credentials // References

Companies: Opera2Day, National Opera&Ballet Amsterdam, Flemisch Opera House,       

    Jeugddanstheater Plankenkoorts, Cacao Bleu, Studio Eclipse, a.o.

Directors: Serge van Veggel, Pierre Audi, David Alden, Amir Hosseinpour, Nigel Lawery,

    Simon McBurney, Robert Carson, Lotte de Beer, Richard Jones, Nikolaus Lehnhoff,

    Peter Stein, Katjoesja Siccama, Anne-Lore Backeland, Laura van Hal, a.o.   

Choreographers: Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Amir Hosseinpour, Jonathan Lunn,

    Phillip Giraudeaux, Satya Roosens, Ronald Wintjes, Jack Timmermans, a.o.

Circus teacher: Codarts Circus Rotterdam (NL), Circuswerkplaats Boost (NL),

    Circus Elleboog (NL), Circus Diedom (NL), Circaso (NL), Ell Circo d’Ell Fuego (B),

    Antwerpse Circusschool (B), Circusplaneet Gent (B), Espace Catastrophe (B)


Originally Fake


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